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12 sept. 2022

Stark Les meilleurs fabricants de systèmes d’osmose inverse

Guangdong Stark is Best reverse osmosis system manufacturers .This article briefly introduces the industrial reverse osmosis equipment
The reverse osmosis pure water equipment is divided into single-stage reverse osmosis and double-stage reverse osmosis. What kind of configuration is needed mainly depends on the needs of customers. The difference between double-stage equipment and single-stage equipment is that the whole set of equipment is equipped with an additional set of reverse osmosis equipment. It is best to have the following points when customers put forward demand for products. In this way, the engineering department can better configure the products required by customers in the configuration plan.

First, the water consumption of the customer's equipment?

Second, what is the standard for the water quality of the equipment?

Third, what is the quality of the customer's raw water? (preferably with a water quality monitoring report)

Fourth, what water quality needs to be achieved? How much water should be produced

Fifth, how much water should be produced?

Sixth, which configuration should be high or low? (The brands of reverse osmosis membranes and pumps are different)

Seventh, where is the installation location?

Eighth, what is the installation area?

Ninth, what is the installed voltage/current?

Analysis and explanation of the basic configuration of reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment: tap water → raw water tank (function: used to store tap water, provide stable tap water and pressure for the subsequent pretreatment system) → raw water pump → mechanical filter (function: effectively intercept large amounts of water Particulate impurities, suspended solids, sediment, reduce the SDI (pollution index) value of water) → activated carbon filter (function: used to absorb harmful substances such as peculiar smell, residual chlorine, particulate impurities and organic matter in water, effectively reduce water pollution chromaticity, improve the taste of water) → security filter (function: used to intercept some large particles left after the first two filtration) → first-stage high-pressure pump (function: provide sufficient pressure for the filter) → Primary reverse osmosis device → primary RO pure water tank → secondary high pressure pump → secondary reverse osmosis device (function: the main core component of reverse osmosis pure water equipment, used to remove various ions in water) → secondary RO Pure water tank → water point.

The following describes the number of product configurations:

Water tank (1), raw water pump (1), automatic sand filter (1), automatic quartz sand filter (1), automatic activated carbon filter (1), security filter (1) , high pressure pump (1 set), reverse osmosis device (1 set), 1RO pure water tank (1 set), two RO high pressure pump (1 set), secondary reverse osmosis device (1 set), secondary reverse osmosis water tank ( 1), standard rack (1 set), electronic control system (1 batch), piping system.

The above industrial process of pure water equipment is only the configuration required by ordinary customers. In addition to configuring the equipment at the request of the customer, we also need the assistance of the customer to complete the installation of the equipment when we do the equipment installation.
1. The water supply pressure of tap water is greater than 0.3Mpa, and the diameter of the water inlet pipe is greater than DN45;
2. Power supply voltage 380V, 15KW, drainage ditch, exhaust hole and water inlet hole are in place;
3. After the equipment arrives at the user, the user will send someone to assist in the installation and positioning.

Stark company's main business:
1. Water treatment equipment (drinking water treatment, RO reverse osmosis equipment, hollow ultrafiltration/nanofiltration equipment, ultrapure water equipment, seawater desalination equipment)
2. Bottled water filling production line (100-3000 barrels/hour)
3. Bottled water filling production line (2000-36000 bottles/hour)
4. Juice filling production line (2000-36000 bottles/hour)
5. Glass bottle filling production line (2000-24000 bottles/hour)
6. Can filling production line (2000-24000 bottles/hour)

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